Future Speakers at ISSF

Speaker For The November 11th Meeting

Guess The Success !

Member Ellis Toder is one of our more successful and prolific professional inventors. Many of you have already heard him give a short warm up presentation a while back and have raved about him. A short time afterwards he came to me wit a fantastic idea. You see, he has had a number of successful products in a variety of industries but has also had a number of, “This Can’t Miss Products” that failed miserably.

So, in the form of an old TV game show he will be presenting, Guess The Success ! Our Secretary and master of ceremonies for this meeting Nancy Gerken has suggested that all the attendees will be competing for Valuable Prizes !  I have no idea of how she is going to hide the car behind the curtain but that’s not my problem.

This should be a Blast ! Who says Inventors don’t know how to have fun? However, there will be valuable lessons to learn as well. Sure, it is easy to be an armchair quarter back once the play is over but you must now look at your own projects in this new light to see if yours may have similar flaws.

To be sure this is not all just fun and games, Ellis will also do the warm up speakers spot where he will mainly talk about his experiences with the business side of inventing. As we all know, being a successful inventor requires a number of skill sets. You don’t have to be an expert in all of them but you do need a basic knowledge of them and the more you can learn from someone else’s experiences, the less problems you should personally have to experience. Just one little anecdote could save you thousands of dollars.

Whether you are the competitive sort who is out to win the Valuable Prizes, want to learn some Valuable Life Lessons or just want to enjoy some very Valuable Good Clean Fun this is a meeting you should not miss.  

So Come On Down to LIGI Tool & Engineering, Inc. (3220 SW 15th Street Deerfield Beach, FL  33442) at 1:00 pm on Saturday 11/11/17 to see if You can successfully Guess The Success. Doors open at 12:30pm.

This event is hosted by the Inventors Society of South Florida, a 501 (C) 3 non-profit educational organization.

For more information go to our website www.inventorssociety.net or call 561-676-5677.

Speaker For The December 9th Meeting

Sourcing Your Invention In Asia™

Edith Tolchin IS “The Sourcing Lady” (SM) . Everything you ever wanted to know about Sourcing Your Invention In Asia™ and tons of things you would never even think to ask are going to be covered in this presentation.

Even if you plan on manufacturing in the good old USA the information she will provide regarding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (of which she is an expert), the shipping industry and manufacturing in general will be priceless.

Ms. Tolchin has spoken to our group in the past, each time enriching her presentation by adding new elements and techniques. This time she’s providing a lively video exchange with Kedma Ough (another well known name in Independent Inventors circles) to give the material more focus and create more interest.

Normally, we try to only interrupt a speaker for a quick clarification and keep all our questions until after the presentation. However, due to the intensity of the program we plan to allow more interaction with Edith during the presentation. This is an experiment. Please keep your questions related to only the material at hand. As usual, we will not allow for tangencies.  

With over forty years of experience in importing and international trade, Edie “invented” EGT Global Trading http://www.egtglobaltrading.com/ in 1997, with a goal to link U.S. inventors with Asian manufacturers, to provide an exclusive import service for sourcing, quality control, production testing and safety issues, manufacturing, international financing, air/ocean shipping, customs clearance arrangements, and dock-to-door delivery. She also holds a prestigious U. S. Customs Broker License and knows every nuance that can make or break a product.

Edith is also an accomplished author. Her monthly column in Inventors Digest is well known. She also co-authored  Sourcing Smarts:  Keeping it SIMPLE and SAFE with China Sourcing and Manufacturing, and  is the author/editor of Secrets of Successful Inventing: From Concept to Commerce (Square One Publishers – www.secretsofsuccessfulinventing.com), the world’s greatest book for novice inventors. I’m sure you will recognize most of the contributors including…well… ah…. me.

Always evolving, she has turned her talents to fiction now with her latest creation… the hilarious novel, Fanny on Fire (www.fannyonfire.com) (Michelkin Publishing, 2017). So it should come as no surprise that we will be having a book signing.

Keeping things all in the family, Edith will be providing her own warm-up speaker. After a lifetime of evolving with the computer industry (starting with punch cards for programming, to system support and developing websites for some of the largest companies in the industry) her husband, Ken Robinson will speak about the importance of a website and social media for inventors. Check out his website at www.widgetsontheweb.com  


Don’t miss this chance to pick the brains of two industry experts on Saturday 12/9/17 at 1:00 pm at LIGI Tool & Engineering, Inc. (3220 SW 15th Street Deerfield Beach, FL  33442) hosted by the Inventors Society of South Florida, a 501 (C) 3 non-profit educational organization.

For more information go to our website www.inventorssociety.net or call 561-676-5677 or 954-281-6564.