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The Inventors Society of South Florida is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the independent inventor through the use of Education, Motivation and Collaborative Support.

We will not do the work for you. However, we will give you the tools to Get The Job Done!

To that end, we provide a wealth of information to our members and the general public regarding all aspects of the invention process through our newsletters, website, speakers, etc.  However, the ISSF does not endorse, suggest, or recommend that any of this information may or should be relied upon without the user’s own independent investigation and evaluation.

Call us for more information: (561) 676-5677 or (954) 281-6564.

Ligi-Tools-300x225Our Meetings are Held on the Second Saturday of each month, except when interrupted by a holiday. We meet at 1PM. Pre-registration is at 12:30PM.  Seating is limited.We Meet At: Ligi Tools, 3220 SW 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442. Click here for Directions.

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For Returning Non-Members, there is a $10.00 donation requested.  To Pay Online, click here.

Call us for more information: (561) 676-5677 or  (954) 281-6564.

Speakers For The February 11th Meeting:

Retail Geniuses: Dennis & Mary Lou Green
Coming To You LIVE via Skype

Dennis and Mary Lou Green are an incredible couple living the life so many of us dream of. They have mastered the art of selling their products to large retail chain stores and QVC. They have made millions, sold their business then prepared to sit back and enjoy their wealth.

Sure, that may be the dream but we all know that any high octane personality will Not be satisfied just sitting back and enjoying their wealth. Let alone, this dynamic couple. I mean, after inventing more than 50 simple products with sales exceeding $120 million, taking up golf full-time is not an option. You just can’t turn that light bulb off.

So they have embarked on a new journey from which we can all benefit. They have decided to share the knowledge they gained from the college of hard knocks with everyone who can use it and, let me tell you, we can Use It !

A few months back, I told you all about their book “Shark Pitch, How to Make a Retail Shark Sit Up and Beg To Buy Your Product” which is a short (only 142 pages) information packed treatment of everything you ever wanted to know, along with a number of issues you never thought of on your own, regarding selling to our collective Holy Grail, retail giants.

I also told you about their website and the FREE ebook “27 Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Answer, Before Launching A New Product”. Obviously, they have attacked their new mission of enlightening the masses with the same vigor that insured their success and made them a model for the rest of us. They will also be offering another special secret FREE bonus worth almost $400.00 to all who attend this meeting. They simply Love inventors and are dedicated to your success.

Whether you intend to license your product or sell it yourself, the bottom line that every gatekeeper wants to know is how you will get a retailer to take something that is already making them money, off the shelf to make room for your product. THIS … is how you do it.

As you will see, Mary Lou is such a warm, kind, sharing individual and yet the consummate professional who desperately wanted to help our members but was too busy helping her mom to make the trip out here from sunny California that I decided to do whatever it took to bring the “Mountain to Mohamed” by way of Skype. Yes, I have been working feverously behind the scenes to make this happen and it will.

So, no buts about it, no matter if your product is a licensing giant or a smaller consumer product, you better get your…self to LIGI Tool & Engineering, Inc. (3220 SW 15th Street Deerfield Beach, FL  33442) at 1:00 pm on Saturday 2/11/17 and participate in this business life-changing event, hosted by the Inventors Society of South Florida, a 501 (C) 3 non-profit educational organization.

For more information go to our website or call 561-676-5677.

Angela Rozier, WPBF News
May 14 at 9:33pm
Meet three local inventors who had an idea and made something happen.

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