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Speaker For The October 1st Meeting

The Inside Scoop On Prototyping to Short Run Production


Charles Koch of 3Axis Development, Inc.

Charles Koch of 3Axis Development, Inc. of was a highly regarded well rounded manufacturing expert when I met him in 2008. He has always been on the cutting edge of technology as you may have witnessed at our July meeting when he showed a new very affordable and versatile 3D printer that he is now representing.

Charles will be discussing how to match your project to the right type of prototyping and/or manufacturing methods to achieve the best results within your time restraints at the most reasonable price for maximum return on your investment. What more could you ask for ?

Of course, his company can start working with you from a dream on a napkin but he will also discuss what you need to have in place for them to help you more efficiently. What CAD programs work the best, what specifications help as well as what specification can hurt your project and much more.

One of his newest ventures is selling top quality yet affordable 3D printers and other equipment which you can see on his website under the button Engineer’s Toy Store. I must admit, I found a number of things I might put on my list for Santa.

This program should be of interest for any inventor no matter where you are in the process because if you are just starting out it will give you a ton of information to process or give you the answers to major decisions you might be going through right now and last but not least show you some mistakes you may have already made with a way to correct them.

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Charles Koch has prepared a resources page including multiple links and videos for those interested in seeing more about 3D printing and prototyping.  Click below to check it all out.  You won’t be sorry!


Charles Koch and Leo Mazur

Charles Koch and Leo Mazur

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