Our Inventors

Here is a partial list of our member inventors and their inventions.  You can click on the links next to their names to visit their website and read more about the products they have invented.

Alan McBreaty, Inventor of the PTATT – Personal Travel and Adventure Tracking Towel/Bag Combo

Jeff Christlieb, inventor of The CatchaPoo – a light-weight portable device that catches dog poo before it hits the ground and the WhereeverGarden –  flower pot hanger that can be hung on multiple surfaces including tree trunks and poles/columns using No Nails, Screws or Tools.

William Morrison, inventor of the Diabetic Toe Brush – the brush that you should have For the most Safe rewarding care cleans between toes for those who cannot easily reach.

Danielle Smith, Inventor of the Beauty Butler® – A one-of-a-kind tray that any brand or shape of makeup sticks to.

Gary Bronga, Inventor of the Clipeze.

Note: if you are a member of the Inventors Society of South Florida and would like to see your invention listed here, send the following to Heidi@inventors-society.net:

    • Your name
    • Your photo (jpeg at 250 X 190 pixels) 
    • Name of your invention
    • One sentence description of your invention
    • Link to more information about the invention (ie website, blog or social media channel page)
    • Optional: If you would like our visitors to connect with you on social media also include links to your social media channel URLS ( eg: www.facebook.com/InventorsSociety)  

    Note: Must have all of the above information to be listed on that page. Incomplete information will be discarded.