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 Jorge Rodriguez

Design With Manufacturability In Mind

There is an old saying, “Anything can be done…if you’re willing to pay for it”, which brings me to the same complaint that I hear from inventors all the time, “My parts cost too much for me to be competitive”. While manufacturers tend to ask me, “Do all inventors really need such complicated parts”? Some manufacturers have even taken it upon themselves to offer educational material to their potential customers which I often pass along to all of our members and friends but this is not enough.

For years, I have been looking for a true expert who would be willing to share their knowledge with the group. It is a mind set, a skill you can develop, especially while designing plastic parts once you understand the process and I couldn’t believe our luck as I practically fell over the perfect candidate right in our own group.

jorge-rodriguez-manufacturerJorge Rodriguez IS the exact expert I was looking for. Not only has he been working and running whole departments in this field since 1998, he actually developed a course for newly hired engineers and designers for Motorola which will be the basis of the presentation that he will be giving us.

His credentials on his Linkedin page are incredible! He is an Experienced Manufacturing Operations Manager with a proven track record in optimizing operational performance, cost reduction and process improvement activities with an extensive background in tooling, tool and mold design, manufacturing and process engineering the list goes on and on. He also earned a prestigious certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt.   

Now that’s what I call a High Class Education at any price!

Whether you are actually designing your own parts or simply envisioning what they will look like and how they will work, Mr. Rodriguez will get you pointed in the right direction. He will give you a focus and teach you techniques (like side actions and hot runners) to overcome any  difficulties in your designs.

You can contact Mr. Rodriguez at or (954) 638-7811

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