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Past Speaker – Eileen Fischlschweiger – Patent Searches


Speaker for the August 6th Meeting: Eileen Fischlschweiger Field Trip One of the most important skills that every inventor needs is to be able to do their own patent searches. This is where every project begins and there are a number

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Past Speaker – Cara Morris – Patent Lawyer – 05-07-16

Cara Morris, Patent Attorney

Cara Morris Do You Have An Invention? I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down with inventors who may have a great idea for an invention but absolutely no idea of how to reduce it to practice

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Past Speaker – Don Kelly – Patent Agent

  Champion of the Independent Inventor   Don Kelly has devoted his life to the advancement of small business and the independent inventors who he regards as the backbone of American Ingenuity. Without him, the USPTO and the world in

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Patents – Agent & Lawyer – Andrew Rapacke

Date: 03/07/15 Speaker:  Andrew Rapacke Patent Attorney and Patent Agent Andrew Rapacke is a Registered Patent Agent, pending admission to the Florida Bar. Through his company USPatentsNMore, he works with organizations to provide meaningful protection and helps them transform their

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