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Past Speaker – Cara Morris – Patent Lawyer – 05-07-16

Cara Morris, Patent Attorney

Cara Morris Do You Have An Invention? I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down with inventors who may have a great idea for an invention but absolutely no idea of how to reduce it to practice

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Patents – Agent & Lawyer – Andrew Rapacke

Date: 03/07/15 Speaker:  Andrew Rapacke Patent Attorney and Patent Agent Andrew Rapacke is a Registered Patent Agent, pending admission to the Florida Bar. Through his company USPatentsNMore, he works with organizations to provide meaningful protection and helps them transform their

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Licensing Inventions – Jose Gutman

Jose Gutman Jose Gutman is a member of the Licensing Executive Society, he is a patent attorney, and he regularly works with clients on licensing products, technology, and intellectual property. Jose will show you what it takes to successfully negotiate

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