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Speaker – Howard Minsky – July 9, 2016


Speaker for the July 9th Meeting:  Howard Minsky: GREAT Marketing Makes All The Difference Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”. Not So, according to Chester M. Woolworth, who

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Speaker – Mike Letsky – Will It Sell?


Speaker:Mike Letsky Date:  June 4, 2016 Subject:  Will It Sell? This is the very first question every inventor should be asking themselves as soon as the glow of wonderment has subsided from the realization that you have just created The

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Past Speaker – Cara Morris – Patent Lawyer – 05-07-16

Cara Morris, Patent Attorney

Cara Morris Do You Have An Invention? I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down with inventors who may have a great idea for an invention but absolutely no idea of how to reduce it to practice

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Past Speaker – Gary R. Gronga – Inventor of the Clipeze

Gary Bronga, Inventor

He Made Millions! U Can 2 Gary R. Bronga is a man who did just that. In 1995, with his computer and $500.00 in the smallest bedroom in his home, he started a journey that lead him to a 3000

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Past Speaker – Don Kelly – Patent Agent

  Champion of the Independent Inventor   Don Kelly has devoted his life to the advancement of small business and the independent inventors who he regards as the backbone of American Ingenuity. Without him, the USPTO and the world in

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Past Speaker – Freddy Lee – Master of the Prototype

Master of the DIY Prototype You’re sitting there watching some late night rerun when suddenly, out of the blue, the greatest idea you ever had for an invention hits you like a lightning bolt. You run into the garage and

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Past Speaker – Jacqueline Whitmor – How to Turn Contacts Into Contracts


Presenter:  Jacqueline Whitmor Topic:  First & Lasting Impressions: How to Turn Contacts Into Contracts Competition in the business arena is fierce and companies are looking for men and women who can handle themselves at a trade show as well as

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Past Speaker – LuAnn Puet – Licensing – How to Approach Companies

LuAnnPuett - Licensing Agent

LUANNE PUETT,  PRESIDENT OF MAKERSMODEL.COM Honesty, integrity, transparnecy.  Lu Anne Puett attended FAU and finished her studies in corporate management and marketing.  She has owned a product research and development company, started her own marketing consulting company to help other

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Prototyping – Matthew Bordy

Date of Presentation: June 6, 2015 Presenter:  Matthew Bordy CEO – Product & Business Development 561-922-9931 – Speak to an Expert 954-612-1991 Areas of Expertise: Product Design Engineering Prototyping Patents Retail Packaging Logo & Branding Sourcing & Manufacturing.

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Patents – Agent & Lawyer – Andrew Rapacke

Date: 03/07/15 Speaker:  Andrew Rapacke Patent Attorney and Patent Agent Andrew Rapacke is a Registered Patent Agent, pending admission to the Florida Bar. Through his company USPatentsNMore, he works with organizations to provide meaningful protection and helps them transform their

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