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Past Speaker – Christian Lovrecich of Nitro Displays


Speaker For The June 10th, 2017 Meeting: Christian Lovrecich of Nitro Displays Stand Up, Stand Out To Make $ As a kid, I spent a lot of time on the boardwalk of a “Carney Town” on the New Jersey shore

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Past Speaker – Janice Haley


Inventor University Due to the wealth of knowledge you are going to get at this meeting I couldn’t think of anything else to call it. Other inventors will share some stories, some tips maybe some inside information but what Janice

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Past Speaker – Bob Oros


Speaker for the March 11th Meeting The Company Man Licensing to Corporations, Dos and Don’ts Bob Oros of Business Developement Resources truly knows the ins and outs of working with corporations better than anyone else I know. After all,

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Past Speaker – Mary Lou Green

Dennis and Mary Lou Green head shot

Retail Geniuses: Dennis & Mary Lou Green Coming To You LIVE via Skype Dennis and Mary Lou Green are an incredible couple living the life so many of us dream of. They have mastered the art of selling their products

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Past Speaker – Gordon Tredgold


Speaker For The December 3rd Meeting: Gordon Tredgold The Master of Getting Results Gordon Tredgold ( is “The Leaders’ Leader”. Who was heralded in Inc. Magazine as one of the top 100 Leadership and Management, Experts and Speakers. He was ranked

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Speaker – Howard Minsky – July 9, 2016


Speaker for the July 9th Meeting:  Howard Minsky: GREAT Marketing Makes All The Difference Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”. Not So, according to Chester M. Woolworth, who

Past Speaker – LuAnn Puet – Licensing – How to Approach Companies

LuAnnPuett - Licensing Agent

LUANNE PUETT,  PRESIDENT OF MAKERSMODEL.COM Honesty, integrity, transparnecy.  Lu Anne Puett attended FAU and finished her studies in corporate management and marketing.  She has owned a product research and development company, started her own marketing consulting company to help other

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Tradeshow Help for Inventors Who Wish to Exhibit

Tradeshow Help for Exhibitors Find tips for trade show exhibiting at There are three topics of interest to exhibitors: Must Do’s, Don’ts and Quick Tips. Take a few minutes to read through these pages to perfect your trade show

Branding with Alpesh Patel

Presentation Date:  04/04/15 Alpesh Patel Co-Founder & Chief Brand Harmonist eSANGHE, LLC WHO IS ALPESH PATEL: Alpesh Patel is a seasoned Business Advisor & Brand Strategist with nearly 20 years of Internet and 28 years of Technology Marketing & Product

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