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Everything you need to know about Inventor Expos

Past Speaker – Janice Haley


Inventor University Due to the wealth of knowledge you are going to get at this meeting I couldn’t think of anything else to call it. Other inventors will share some stories, some tips maybe some inside information but what Janice

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Gathering Marketing Information at EXPOs

By Leo Mazur, Past President 2009-2014 So many inventors have no idea of how to gather marketing information. Many resort to hiring very expensive specialty companies to do this work for them. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for

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The Shuuk Pit – Inventor Competition for Prizes, Promotion and Recognition

The Shuuk Pit is an opportunity for five inventors to compete for cash prizes and show time on, an open square or market where innovative entrepreneurs and small business owners sell their wares and collaborate. Inventors who have product

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Champions of the Independent Inventors

Peter Herman and Alexander Brown from the law firm Tripp Scott™ have won many contingency cases for independent inventors including the famous Powel vs. Home Depot where the inventor of a safety device for a panel saw was awarded over

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5 Ways to Preemptively Crush Your Competition

With Outstanding Marketing Strategies presented by Joshua Ramsey Standing Out From Your Competition Today Is Tough. Trying to find the best way to generate leads and prove to consumers that you are the best choice has always been difficult, and with

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From Idea to Invention

Idea to Invention: What You Need to Know to Cash In on Your Inspiration Patricia Nolan-Brown has been inventing and marketing problem-solving products for more than 22 years. Among her many inventions is a best-selling car seat mirror, sold internationally,

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Think Sideways: How to Zig While Everyone Else Zags

…. and Stand Out in a Cluttered Marketplace presented by Tamara G. Kleinberg The playing field has changed. There is a new language of success – disruptive thinking. Successful entrepreneur and serial innovator Tamara Kleinberg will share how using disruptive innovation across your

Inventors Expo 2013

PALM BEACH CONVENTION CENTER650 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401; 561-366-3600; on 2/16/13 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. It is FREE to Attend, FREE to Exhibit and FREE to hear our Speakers.  If you are an inventor, you

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12‐year‐old Inventor Considered The Next Mark Zuckerberg Speaking @ Expo 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Adrienne Mazzone 561‐750‐9800 x210 A 12‐year‐old Inventor Considered The Next Mark Zuckerberg, Will Be Among Those Sharing Their Genius and Know‐How Feb. 16, At The Free Invention Expo at Palm Beach County Convention Center WEST PALM

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