Board of Directors


president of inventors society of south florida

Leo Mazur, President

Having worked in and around the electrical contracting business for over 40 years has given Mr. Mazur a unique insiders’ view of many different manufacturing, commercial and corporate experiences as well as interaction with consumers in all walks of life. This allows him to view a project from all sides.

A lifelong Do-It-Yourselfer, he makes his own prototypes, does his own research and has written and prosecuted his own patent overcoming a difficult rejection. However, he strongly believes in building a team of experts as a project warrants it.

Leo is always taking courses, going to seminars and trade shows to expand his insatiable thrust for knowledge. He is also a member of the following organizations:

  • The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA)
  • The Licensing Executives Society (LES)
  • The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)



Shelby Smith, Vice President

Shelby Smith, RPA, CPM was born in Fort Lauderdale as a 3rd generation Fort Lauderdale resident. He possesses over Thirty-five years of real estate experience in South Florida. He has represented individual, institutional, receivership, and partnership type owners in both management and leasing. His consulting has resulted in increased property values for many of his company’s clients.

He is no stranger to education and has completed all of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) courses and was awarded a Real Property Administrator (RPA) designation. He has also completed the required Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) courses to qualify for a Certified Property Manager (CPM) status. Professionally, Mr. Smith is a member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). As an Active BOMA member serving on the Government Affairs Committee, Mr. Smith has helped fend off some of the impacts, such as the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA), Telecommunications and Electric Deregulation, affecting property owners in Broward County. In addition to his Real Estate experience, Mr. Smith is a member of the Inventors Society of South Florida and is currently working to market the Lock Alert, lock notification system. He is on the City of Fort Lauderdale Education Advisory Board. As a board member, he assists to advise the city commission on issues concerning Education in Fort Lauderdale.



Eva Thomas, Treasurer

I graduated from Kent State University got married and moved from Ohio to Florida in 1972. I am married to Bill and have two grown children, Kim who works in the insurance industry and Scott who works for the Government in DC. My father was always very creative and I loved to help him with his projects while I was growing up. I think that’s where I got the inventing bug.

Years ago, I knew someone who had their mail stolen out of their mailbox. This was before identity theft. I remember thinking why doesn’t she just get a locking mailbox! That’s when I started researching locking mailboxes. In my research I found no Postmaster Approved locking mailbox so I invented one. While working on my Locking Mailbox, someone at FAU business center mentioned I should look into the ISSF. I went to my first meeting in 2001 and was hooked. After a couple years I decided to become more involved and became chairman of the Publicity Committee. I promoted the ISSF through local publications (back then there was very limited Internet) and worked on organizing the Expos. When the current Treasurer resigned, I was elected to take her place. I believe that was in 2008. I resigned in 2014 due to my husband’s health issues, but I’m back!

The ISSF has been part of my life for the past 14 years and I want to make sure it continues to be a strong voice for information and education in the inventor community. I am honored to be part of the team again and hope more people will become involved so the next generation can take us into the future.


Nancy Gerken, Secretary of Inventors Society of South Florida

Nancy Gerken, Secretary of ISSF

While I have had numerous, rewarding positions, in a wide-range of venues, including:  corporate, academics, real estate, and construction, all the while my heart and mindset has been one of an entrepreneur/inventor, albeit unrealized…until NOW. For those who believe that everything happens in its own time, NOW is that time for sure!  Technically, I’m retired, but an unrelenting, internal drive to bring a variety of products, that I have been incubating, to market, keeps me active and motivated.

To bring my visions to fruition, I sought out the best resources to help guide me to success…that’s the ISSF.  This is an amazing organization that offers information, from passionate, knowledgeable, accomplished, members and speakers that is priceless.  I look forward to doing my part, along with the other dedicated board members, to maintain the excellence of the ISSF.