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Past Speaker – Mary Lou Green

Dennis and Mary Lou Green head shot

Retail Geniuses: Dennis & Mary Lou Green Coming To You LIVE via Skype Dennis and Mary Lou Green are an incredible couple living the life so many of us dream of. They have mastered the art of selling their products

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eBlasts – Paper Pitch to an Investor


Paper Pitch To An Investor As many of you may know, at our next meeting on January 14th, 2017, eight lucky inventors will have the opportunity to pitch their product to Maxine Pierson, one of the most brilliant women I

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Past Speaker – Maxine Pierson – How to Pitch to an Investor


Speaker For The January 14th 2017 Meeting: Maxine Pierson Pitch To An Investor The biggest dream of just about every inventor I run across is the opportunity to pitch their idea to a real investor. The problem with most of

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Past Speaker – Gordon Tredgold


Speaker For The December 3rd Meeting: Gordon Tredgold The Master of Getting Results Gordon Tredgold ( is “The Leaders’ Leader”. Who was heralded in Inc. Magazine as one of the top 100 Leadership and Management, Experts and Speakers. He was ranked

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Past Speaker – Jorge Rodriguez – Design with Manufacturing in Mind


 Jorge Rodriguez Design With Manufacturability In Mind There is an old saying, “Anything can be done…if you’re willing to pay for it”, which brings me to the same complaint that I hear from inventors all the time, “My parts cost

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Past Speaker – Charles Koch – 3D Printing


Speaker For The October 1st Meeting The Inside Scoop On Prototyping to Short Run Production Charles Koch of 3Axis Development, Inc. of was a highly regarded well rounded manufacturing expert when I met him in 2008. He has always been on

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How to Investigate and Evaluate a Resource

How to Investigate and Evaluate a Resource Type “research a company” using the Google search-engine prompt, and press the Enter key. Review the return listings and scroll to ones that meet your needs, such as where you will find a business

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Past Speaker – Kevin Cox

speaker-kevin-cox-at ISSF meeting

Speaker for the September 10th, 2016 Meeting – KEVIN COX 3 Great Programs From FAU Once again, FAU is included us in a number of their entrepreneur programs. Unfortunately, this year’s Business Plan Competition is only for full time students

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Past Speaker – Eileen Fischlschweiger – Patent Searches


Speaker for the August 6th Meeting: Eileen Fischlschweiger Field Trip One of the most important skills that every inventor needs is to be able to do their own patent searches. This is where every project begins and there are a number

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Speaker – Howard Minsky – July 9, 2016


Speaker for the July 9th Meeting:  Howard Minsky: GREAT Marketing Makes All The Difference Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”. Not So, according to Chester M. Woolworth, who

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